Debuting Argon at Winchester Science Centre

On the 21st of February we took Argon out on the road for the first time with a stall at Winchester Science Centre. As part of the half term event, Southampton students and staff were invited to present ways of engaging their research with the public.

Four of us went along with iPads and laptops in hand, showcasing the world of molecular dynamics in an interactive way. With an incredibly varied audience, we were able to understand how different aspects of the app came across. The younger members of the audience particularly enjoyed the voice activated elements, while those older were interested in how you could design your own potential.

The wide range of people at the event led to some pretty interesting encounters. For instance, explaining the basics of cell membranes to someone for ten minutes, before realising they were a Professor of Pathology! Despite stiff competition from ‘Mirror Madness’ and a giant Newton’s cradle, we found that we were constantly surrounded by people who were interested in the app. Getting all of their feedback was great, and we will definitely take it forward for development in the future.

Jon, Lee, David & Will show Argon to members of the public at Winchester Science Centre

Up next, you will be able to find us at the Southampton University Science and Engineering Festival, on March 18th. We hope to have a full suite of technology available at this event, and to see you there!

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